Dec 29
Welp…. Looks like we havin a baby!!!!!!!

Welp…. Looks like we havin a baby!!!!!!!

Sep 28

Made a separate tumblr

For the sugarbaby adventures,

Sep 24


Best proposal ever?

Almost brought tears to my eyes


Sep 22

RANT WARNING!!!!! Good stuff tho :))

skin color is a metaphysical dilemma that the world has yet to conquer, I find myself getting pissed at the question “do you like white guys”, this question has little effect on most and it seems harmless enough, but why is the world stuck on something that 1: we cant change, and 2: we can’t decide…. You know if the world spent less time focusing on something so minor…. So pointless… The world might not suck so bad…. How about putting all that hate and anger you use on hating me bc “I’m black” into something useful, feeding the hungry helping a friend…fuck actually being there for someone who has no one… How about using that useless energy on just trying to be a decent human being….. I didn’t choose to have brown skin… Okay so how about Hating me for something I CAN control, like : my mouth!! Or the fact that i play with my hair a lot, or bite my nails, better yet hate me with reason, like I wronged you, I hurt you, I Hurt your family, something like that blind hate is ignorance, and just FYI ignorance isn’t bliss, bc blissful ignorance doesn’t exist, it’s called useless hate, aka blind ignorance, even sometimes known as generational hand-down of blind/useless hate…. Stop the bull shit. No matter what color you are, your human, you have a heart, feelings, and contrary to popular belief WE ALL BLEED RED!!!! Stop sucking and being a human and try to develop some common decency… You might make a friend, fall in love, meet your beat friend, find out that we share common interest… Bc no matter my skin color I’m still human… I’m still capable of love, I don’t hate you for hating me bc “I’m black” I feel sorry for you, that your so blind and ignorant to things that are different…

Sep 22

Insomnia??? …. Yup I got that…. Sleep??? ….. Wish I could do that….

Sep 14
theres a little bit of devil in her angel eyes  #rolltide #southerncutie

theres a little bit of devil in her angel eyes #rolltide #southerncutie

Sep 12

my truth

I was just told I can’t be country bc I’m “black”. Anyone who knows me knows.. I’m country… not jut bc I sound like a hick…. not just bc I wear boots… bc I love to fish….I don’t mind getting dirty… I could spend days getting lost in the woods….. being country isn’t a color….. its a way of life…. and i love who I am….I love the fact I’m the whitest kid jesus knows…I love my boots I love my country music I love my loud trucks and mud!!! And if you don’t like the fact that THIS BROWN KID is COUNTRY….. WELL THEN YOU CAN KISS MY COUNTRY ASS :) bc I love me…you don’t have to.. but I’m loud proud and country by the grace of god and no one wil change that!!!!! Ever!

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